Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions:

Q: I already have a loan with you, can I get another?

A: You'll need to pay off your outstanding loan before you can borrow again.

Q: Do you loan X amount?

A: We'll loan up to $550 to qualified borrowers, but first time lenders usually get $200-400.

Q: What are your interest rates set at right now?

A: 15% of the principal, no other fees.

Q: Is my bad credit going to hurt my chances of getting a loan?

A: Probably not, unless you have a habit of not paying back payday lenders.

Q: What happens when I don't pay? Are there fees? Do you roll over?

A: We don't roll over, but we do charge an NSF fee of $10 and overdue interest at 10% per year.

Q: How do I pay back the loan?

A: We'll automatically pull the funds from your account so you shouldn't have to do anything unless you change banks. If you do that, contact us to let us know, or you'll end up paying an NSF fee.